Text: Fabian Treiber’s beautifully disturbing abstraction interferes with the normal / Text and interview with ArtVerge Contemporary (ENG)

Fabian Treiber’s Beautifully Disturbing Abstraction Interferes With the Normal

by Yannis Kostarias


Fabian Treiber (b. 1986) works within the frame of abstraction, yet important elements of figurative art coexist in his artworks. Moving along a logic of shifting boundaries, between the abstract and the figurative world, the visual depictions that Treiber uses derive from the everyday image décor. Uniting the two art forms would be considered to be a challenge. But creating a balance does not seem necessary. His visual ambivalence still stands well and provides a more distinctive character as well as a greater quality by being flexible and open to stimulate more than one interpretations.


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