Text: Finding images rather than creating them / Interview with Christina Nafziger from Artmaze Magazine (UK) – (ENG)

The dialogue between artist and canvas

Words by Christina Nafziger


Not quite a still life, not quite abstract, the remarkable work of German artist Fabian Treiber seems to be in a genre all on its own. Treiber’s work is as absorbing as it is complex, as he often uses an assortment of materials to create incredibly dynamic compositions in his paintings. Interested in the relationship between the artist and medium, his creative process and experimentation with the materials he uses are an essential part of his practice and development. His paintings are multifaceted, as many of them appear to have a variety of different textures on their surfaces. This fascinating element of his work is influenced by assemblage, in particular that of artist Robert Rauschenberg.

In an Interview below, Treiber discusses the work on view at his recent exhibition in Zürich, Switzerland, his artistic development in Spain during an artist residency, and the importance of gaining a new perspective through feedback and critique. Join ua as the artist shares his unique approach in, “finding images rather than creating them,” which informs his exceptionally distinct and refreshing perspective in art making.



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