KUNZTEN MAG: Interview (DE/ ENG)

How did you evolve your painting style and the moderating role you mentioned that you take in the working process?

In a way, this follows on directly from your last question. I came to the conclusion that for me the material, from the fine nettle to the half-dried sticky paint, always communicates or, as I mentioned before, informs. Consequently, I was forced to listen closely to the paintings and take everything that happens on the canvas seriously. Unique things have to be tracked down, provoked and preserved for the essence of the respective picture. It is then often only brief moments in which I instigate the paintings with preferences, imprints, speculations and my aesthetic ideas. This is perhaps where my visual memory comes into play, but the next moment… there it is again a matter of leaving the field to the image and thus finding images rather than creating them. That’s exactly why I see my role more as a moderator, and in this respect motifs, in the sense of a narrative, a story that I want to communicate, don’t play any role at all. In the end, everything must always come from the work.

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All photographs taken by Luis Bort